Pre-wedding shoot of Jenna & Richard

One crisp autumnal day I met with Jenna and Richard, a London-based couple whose wedding I will be shooting in spring next year. We met in Morden Hall Park, a National Trust park located on the banks of the River Wandle, which has some lovely paths, preserved watermills, a few beautiful footbridges and an absolutely fabulous garden centre with a cafe (the cakes looked delicious!). I will definitely be back with our kiddos to taste them! :) 

Jenna and Richard suggested this stunning place and I am so glad that through them I found this gem. I arrived a little early to scout the area for any potential picture opportunities. And oh boy, there were so many of them! This park is absolutely beautiful and shooting there in autumn given us a foliage colour palette we could only dream of. We started shooting at the back of the garden centre, with statues, plants, and benches used as props, and then went for a walk and chatted. It was so nice to get to know Jenna and Richard, who have been absolutely lovely and playful, and talk more about their wedding planning and their expectations they have from the wedding photography. Their wedding ceremony venue is the gorgeous Asylum Chapel and after speaking with them it seems they are aiming for a very relaxed wedding with a minimum of formal pictures; just my cup of tea. It’s always nice to meet the couple prior to the wedding, and even better to find out they are so nice and coupley, willingly smooching under any tree, by the adjacent tram track, or by any wall I point at, and just perfect for each other (which is so obvious and shows through in the pictures beautifully). I can’t wait to shoot these total babes on their big day, this time in glorious spring time!

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